Graduate Students

Moran Stern HeadshotMoran Stern
PhD Candidate in Government and Politics, International Relations and Comparative Politics

Research Interests: Militant Nonstate Actors, Middle East Politics and Security Issues



Thair Ras HeadshotThair Abu Ras
Government and Politics

Research interest: Jewish identity, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, US-Middle East relations, Israeli Politics




ChenChen Mandel-Edrei 
PhD Candidate in Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, and Comparative Literature

Research interests: Hasidic literature (Hasidic hagiography) from the nineteenth century as a modern mode of Hebrew literature that offers an alternative to maskilic (Enlightenment) modernization.  Her research deals with questions of individualism, nationalism and the politics of literary aesthetics.



Shalom RosenbergShalom Rosenberg
PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature

Research interests: Jewish Cinema, LGBTQ+ Cinema, Israeli Cinema, and the intersections of Jewish Queer representations and identity on screen (Film/TV/Web and Media) with a particular focus on gender, sexuality, religion, culture, ethnicity, and race

PhD University of Maryland (in progress, expected 2021)
MFA Film and Electronic Media, American University 2017 
BA Film Studies with a minor in Education, CUNY Brooklyn College 2003

In past semesters here at the University of Maryland, Shalom (Pronouns: He/Him/His) has taught Introduction to Israeli Cinema, The Jewish Image on Screen (Film/TV/Web), and Gender & Sexuality in Israeli Cinema.  This semester, he is teaching two courses: Academic Writing and Film Art in a Global Society/ LGBTQ+ Cinema.  Shalom has also taught Survey of International Film and History of Cross-Cultural Cinema at American University.