The Political Role of the Military in the Middle East – March 14, 2012

Three aspects of “The Political Role of the Military in the Middle East” were addressed: First, a thorough examination  of the  wide and vast institutional arrangements, principles, norms and procedures that exist between the military and governments or, in a wider perspective, civil-military relations in the Middle East, from direct military governments through indirect military rule, up to the (almost) liberal democratic model…

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Walter Laqueur Conference – March 8, 2011

A Conference in Honor of the 90th Birthday of Walter Laqueur.

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Israel as a Jewish State – March 7-8, 2010

This conference addressed the provocative themes of the nature and role of democracy, identity and Jewish religion in the Israeli context. How can Israel balance the competing claims of its Jewish self-definition with a commitment to democratic pluralism? Moreover, how can it best choose among frequently contradictory religious and social values a path that all its citizens can live with?

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