Israel Studies Ranked into the Citation Index

There is great news regarding the Israel Studies Review, edited since 2011 by Profs. Yoram Peri and Paul Scham of the Gildenhorn Institute, on behalf of the Association for Israel Studies (the ISR is the official academic journal of the AIS).  We have been pleased to receive more article submissions in general lately, and more as well from senior scholars who hadn’t written for us in the past, but since it usually takes a long time before a new journal gets ranked, we did not expect it to get into the Citation Index so soon.


Surprisingly, the ISR has been ranked sooner than we expected and it’s exceeded our expectations! We’ve received a detailed report on our journal and we can report that it’s a huge success story. Out of about 32,000(!) academic journals, we are ranked well into the highest quarter.  To be precise, we are on the 23rd line, which means that about 77% academic journals (29,000) are below us, as you can see in the chart below. More details are available here.



Impact Factor Number of Journals Ranking (Top % of Journals)
10+ 239 1.9%
9+ 290 2.4%
8+ 356 2.9%
7+ 447 3.6%
6+ 610 4.9%
5+ 871 7.1%
4+ 1,399 11.4%
3+ 2,575 21%
2+ 4,840 39.4%
1+ 8,757 71.2%
0+ 12,298 100%