Maryland-in Haifa

Your classroom will be the land of Israel, a country that is vibrantly modern, yet simultaneously steeped in history. Live and learn in a beautiful city on a gorgeous campus, just minutes from Carmel National Forest, Israel’s largest park. Students will have the opportunity to play a role in the search for common ground and mutual understanding in this fascinating part of the world, while having access to a broad range of courses from many academic disciplines.

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Maryland-in-Haifa is an 18-credit UM faculty-lead study abroad program based at the University of Haifa.  Students can study either Hebrew or Arabic, and also take electives offered in a broad range of subject areas at the University of Haifa, all of which are taught in English. Students will also enroll in a 1 credit “Connecting Across Cultures” course designed to propel you out of the classroom and into the rich culture of Haifa, where you will learn how to actively participate in your education. Maryland-In-Haifa participants also have the option to apply to the Honors Programs in Psychology and Peace & Conflict Studies.

Interested students can find more information and apply here.