Opportunities for Students

Find an Internship

In need of a summer internship? Looking to study abroad? Below is a list of opportunities for Israel Studies students to expand their knowledge year-round and around the globe:

In College Park/Washington, DC

Federal Semester – a unique opportunity for University of Maryland students to develop insight into federal policy and gain professional experience in the federal government or on Capitol Hill.

Global Semester – an innovative internship program designed to equip University of Maryland undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience necessary to become leaders in our increasingly globalized society.

In Israel

Coexistence in the Middle East summer and winter study abroad program: Through extensive series of field trips and encounters, CME offers the opportunity to explore the facts on the ground and examine different narratives and realities from the perspectives of various religious, political, cultural and national groups that converge at this crossroads of humanity.

Middlebury Program in Israel: The first, and only, full Hebrew language immersion program in Israel.  In addition to Hebrew instruction and content-courses, you have various internship/volunteering options to choose from.