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The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies advances the academic exploration of Israel with an emphasis on fairness and impartiality.  Housed in the College of Arts and Humanities, the Gildenhorn Institute was founded in 2006 and is entering the next stage as it seeks additional funding to enhance the student experience and promote research with real-world impacts.

Strengthened by our proximity to the nation’s capital and the size of our student population, the Gildenhorn Institute achieves distinction in two focus areas:



Teaching and Events 
We are creating a dynamic student experience through innovative courses, offering a minor in Israel Studies, thought-provoking programs by prominent guest lecturers, and meaningful study-abroad opportunities.  Each semester we increase the number of students engaging in Israel Studies as they shape their ethics and identity.

Research and Publications
We are producing and promoting non-partisan, scholarly research that will inform and inspire today’s thought leaders and decision makers.  The Institute serves as a resource center whose work has a tangible impact on real issues with consequences for real people.


We invite you to be a part of the growth of the Gildenhorn Institute, and look forward to your participation in upcoming Israel Studies special events, which we hold throughout the academic year.